NMN MAX “Recreating the perfect moment with a precise formula”
Life blossoms with a unique flair and dances gracefully across the world.
The ripples created by each step carve out the trajectory of life.
With the precise formula to unlock the blueprint of golden proportions,
let the flowers continue to blossom and let life return to the most dazzling stage.

NMN is the most sought after and effective anti-aging product on the market today. By taking NMN orally, the level of NAD+, a DNA repair enzyme that decreases with age, can be increased rapidly to reverse the aging process.

NMN MAX “以精準的公式重現完美的時刻”


The golden dawn light that symbolizes the golden age of the sun and the moon, presented through cutting-edge technology.
The packaging is based on the rationality of high-tech, golden ratio and other elements that constitute the theme of youth, beauty and other sentimental outcomes.  The box is made of high quality pearlescent aluminum foil materials imported from Japan that can reflect various metallic colors. On the front cover, is presented a flower blossoming freely, as well as a dancer moving gracefully onstage. Presented in a gold segmentation technique, the DNA symbols are interspersed with images of beautiful elements on the back, presenting a perfect combination of technology and life. 

A card is included in the box, with a pattern is made of hot-stamped gold and matte silver, outlining an enchanting beauty under the bright moonlight on the front. The French word "BEAUTE", which symbolizes allure, beauty and nobility, is taken as the brand name. The NMN time capsule is presented on the reverse side, both of which are full of artistic visual effects, dramatically demonstrating the brand's commitment to bringing consumers the most advanced technology to travel through time and space, and to return to youthful vitality that stays.  The black cover is laminated with taped thickened Keaykolour paper. Through special processing techniques, the sticker marks caused by the traditional glue are eliminated, and FS stardust paper from Japan is chosen as the liner paper inside the box. The cover, the card and the lining of the box contain the elements of night, moonlight and stars. Black and white are warmly blended in a clash of colors to create a visual feast that is both stylish and romantic.






Taipei City, Taiwan Region.