What the wedding gives people is not only a tangible ceremony but also an infinite future.
Life is just like rainbow (Arc en ciel) with kaleidoscopic unlimited color.
When you experience it from different angles, you can deeply feel it from the inside.
When you taste in different moods, you can feel the warmth contained inside.  

Arc en ciel / Life contain Infinite Color.

蘊藏   體會   無窮色彩
生活即是猶如彩虹(Arc en ciel)般,擁有千變萬化的無限色彩。
以不同的角度體會,便可以感受到箇中層次。 以不同的心情品味,便可以感受到其中溫度。
Arc en ciel/生活蘊藏無窮色彩

・書籍收錄/《APD亞太設計年鑑14》《包装中的色彩吸引力》《Typography in Graphic Design》
・設計網站收錄/Destacado en   Dr Wong - Emporium Of TingsBashooka

LOGO:The idea of brand name came from French "The arch in the sky - Arc en ciel", which means "rainbow". The logotype, ARC EN CIEL, is presented through the refraction of sunlight. The outer frame is rainbow-refracted track which is just like a diamond being cut perfectly.

Inner packages: The packaging design is inspired by diamond rings. Just like wearing the diamond ring on the finger, and through the size which can be taken by one hand, it can be easy to turn to different angles and to see the colors changing constantly. When you hold it, through the intensity of light, the different atmosphere of colors can be reflected both indoor and outdoor. It is the common charm with the diamond.
Outer packages: Modern people need a little courage, impulsiveness, and the confidence and desire for building a wonderful future for being married. The concept of design came from that presenting the wedding cakes before the wedding to represent as an expectation of marriage and the courage to announce to others. The box is decorated with bright colors and straight word and to show「once in a lifetime, love!」. It not only announces how positive and wonderful their marriage is, but also encourages people to pursue love bravely.

LOGO :法語「天空中的拱橋——Arc en ciel」,即為「彩虹」之意。標準字ARC EN CIEL以透過陽光折射所形成的文字呈現。外框為彩虹折射的軌道,猶如鑽石般被完美切割。

Inner packages: 將鑽戒化為包裝設計。藉由如同鑽戒配戴於指間,尺寸可單手拿取,利於轉向不同角度,觀察色彩的瞬息萬變。 置於手中,透過光線強弱,於室內外可折射出不同氛圍的色彩,是它與鑽石的共同魅力。

Outer packages:對於現代人而言,結婚需要一點點勇氣、衝動,以及共築美好未來的信心與渴望。將喜餅在婚禮前夕贈送,作為滿懷對於婚姻的期待、向他人宣告的勇氣作為概念,外盒以鮮豔的色彩結合強烈的字體展現「once in a lifetime, love!」(一生一次,放手去愛!)不僅是向他人宣告自身婚姻的積極、精彩,同時亦鼓勵人們勇敢追愛。

Taipei City, Taiwan Region.