Arc en ciel


What the wedding gives people is not only a tangible ceremony but also an infinite future. Life is just like rainbow (Arc en ciel) with kaleidoscopic unlimited color. When you experience it from different angles, you can deeply feel it from the inside. When you taste in different moods, you can feel the warmth contained inside.   Arc en ciel/Life contain Infinite Color.
Modern people need a little courage, impulsiveness, and the confidence and desire for building a wonderful future for being married. The concept of design came from that presenting the wedding cakes before the wedding to represent as an expectation of marriage and the courage to announce to others. The box is decorated with bright colors and straight word and to show「once in a lifetime, love!」. It not only announces how positive and wonderful their marriage is, but also encourages people to pursue love bravely.

☞ Works have been published in, ‘Asia-Pacific Design No14’, ‘DESIGN360°’, ‘Typography in Graphic Design’, ‘Color appeal in packaging’
☞ Design website, ‘Destacado en, ‘Dr Wong-Emporium Of Tings’, ‘Bashooka’, ‘Circle’

BEAUTE ON         


β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide.
BEAUTE NMN“Recreating the perfect moment with a precise formula”

Life blossoms with a unique flair and dances gracefully across the world.
The ripples created by each step carve out the trajectory of life.
With the precise formula to unlock the blueprint of golden proportions,
let the flowers continue to blossom and let life return to the most dazzling stage.
NMN / Recreating the perfect moment with a precise formula

NMN is the most sought after and effective anti-aging product on the market today. By taking NMN orally, the level of NAD+, a DNA repair enzyme that decreases with age, can be increased rapidly to reverse the aging process.

☞ Premium Health Supplements


Dried Fruit


Cubism pursues forms of fragmentation, resolution and recombination. Artists depict objects in fragmented combinations from multiple angles. The combinations are placed in one same picture to present the most complete image of the object.This technique is applied to re-elaborate the existing processing procedures of form, destruction, combination and transformation for fruit crispy.

The packaging for mango crisp and pineapple crisp is presented in a 4-fluorescent-color fruit polygonal section, complemented by a black fruit realistic illustration. The idea of every crafts man who makes the crispy is presented in an optimum color ratio which brings people sunny feelings with bright and cheerful colors. 

☞ Awards, ‘Indigo Design Award 2018-Gold and Shortlisted Winner for Graphic Design of the Year’
☞ Design website, ‘Destacado en’, ‘Packaging Of The World’, ‘Circle’
☞ Works have been published in, ‘Asia-Pacific Design No14’, ‘DESIGN360° no78’, ‘ [BranD] Magazine Issue43’, ‘Color appeal in packaging’


1940 TAIWAN tea

Tea at the Core, Entrusted from the Heart

Fine Taiwanese Tea, Starts from the Heart
In the 1950s, the export of tea was at its apex and the taste of old tea was transformed into a culture. Open the curtains and the aroma and rich colors of tea will instantly bring a flair of sophistication to the tea room. The comfort of the space sublimates the taste of tea, and the laughter and joy of people exchanging pleasantries here becomes a sweet taste of joie de vivre in an unpredictable world. Customers encounter Ever Trust Tea through the art of appreciating tea, and Ever Trust Tea insists on bringing the finest tea to customers with evermore trust and sincerity.

Born in Kaohsiung in 1940, Ching-Jen Huang, the first-generation founder of Ever Trust Tea, was touched by the persistence and craftmanship of Taiwan's tea-making masters and the profound flavors of Taiwanese tea from high altitude regions, so he decided to start making tea. With the promise of "Ever" to customers and the "Trust" in serving good tea, Ever Trust Tea's professional tea masters strictly control the quality with their seasoned techniques to make the best quality Taiwanese tea and share it from Taiwan to the world.

☞ CIIE-China International Import Expo 2020
☞ China Xiamen International Tea Industry Fair 2019
☞ Published in Sandu Culture Media"TIMA for TEA-Branding&Packaging Designs of Tea" 2021

BBH GRP         


BBH“Miracle of beauty brought about by the cutting-edge technology of the product.”

Art & Science:Grounded in Science. Bringing innovation through the spirit of scientific inquiry and challenge.Wonder and excitement, with every product design our customers encounters. Duality of art and science has shaped everything we create.

BEAUTE WHITE-Radiant Skin-Whitening Capsules



Beauty is everywhere.It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.  Auguste Rodin

The genesis of everything in the zero-dimensional space.
Because of the desire to experience oneself,
the soul is projected in the material world.
If a book were to present a hundred scenic lookouts,
what colors of life would be observed?

Notebook is not only the carrier of inspiration, but also the source of inspiration. We have tried more than 100 experimental ways to present the possibilities of combining cover design, various paper materials, threads and mixed media in notebooks The notebook has a purpose beyond its use as stationery; it not only records inspiration, but can also bring inspiration to the owner.  hopes to create a notebook by visualizing the beauty we experience in our lives, and to accompany people as a readily available everyday object and inspiration recorder, so that we can always accompany the owner, and arouse their awareness and desire for beauty, and create more beautiful things together.

☞ 2018 Taipei Art Book Fair–First Exhibitio
☞ 2020 Asia-Pacific Design Collection No.16

BEAUTE ON         


The golden dawn light that symbolizes the golden age of the sun and the moon, presented through cutting-edge technology.

The packaging is based on the rationality of high-tech, golden ratio and other elements that constitute the theme of youth, beauty and other sentimental outcomes.

The box is made of high quality pearlescent aluminum foil materials imported from Japan that can reflect various metallic colors. On the front cover, is presented a flower blossoming freely, as well as a dancer moving gracefully onstage. Presented in a gold segmentation technique, the DNA symbols are interspersed with images of beautiful elements on the back, presenting a perfect combination of technology and life.

A card is included in the box, with a pattern is made of hot-stamped gold and matte silver, outlining an enchanting beauty under the bright moonlight on the front. The French word "BEAUTE", which symbolizes allure, beauty and nobility, is taken as the brand name. The NMN time capsule is presented on the reverse side, both of which are full of artistic visual effects, dramatically demonstrating the brand's commitment to bringing consumers the most advanced technology to travel through time and space, and to return to youthful vitality that stays.

☞ Premium Health Supplements




Embark on a journey to release your soul, the source of life is the sun and sea, as nature is always the deepest self - and the best healer.

LOVISM is a quality skin care brand full of pleasant surprises and high anticipations. The brand has developed highly effective skin care products for different skin types, creating both "skin-friendly" and "environment-friendly" skin care products based on plant extracts. Girls experience the joy of receiving each LOVISM product as if receiving a gift.

LOGO: LOVISM empowers those who want to be beautiful. The syllable initials LVS are used for the trademark logo design and is applied to the VI image design and the outer box of the package, and caters to a clientele that loves a young, minimalist, and trendy look.


NSS INT'L         


Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.

In tarot, the scepter symbolizes the element of fire and is the first of the four elements, representing creativity, growth, action and enthusiasm, as well as possessing infinite potential and creativity, courage to accept challenges and willingness to interact with others. The TAROT.CEO brand logo is based on the concept of the first scepter card, taking the letter "T" (TAROT) and "CEO" as the brand identity. The gorgeous classical metallic inlay elements painted with contemporary and elegant alphabetic font encapsulates the desired concept image of the company logo. The letters TAROT.CEO are forged into a scepter, which is intertwined and interlocked with other letters in an orderly manner, symbolizing the interdependence and co-prosperity of all things in heaven and earth in the intertwining of time and space. The inlaid spheres are both planets and crystal balls, symbolizing the power of purification and positivity. Energy is derived from our own good virtues and circulates through us to the world. The design of the website is based on the concepts of occult, astrology, Pegasus and mythology, and the brand concept and visuals are exquisitely designed to strengthen the professionalism of TAROT CEO, showcasing the details and the overall image of the company.


eslite Design Work


Reverse the dominance of the cold winter and welcome the new spring season.
Amplify your senses to sense the vitality of awakening life. Listen to the whispers of plants, and capture the unparalleled healing. With a body that desires to be like light, wander in the field of infinite possibilities. From day to night, a dynamic organic body that delivers 100% fresh vitality directly to you.

If there is gravity in the universe, then there is gravity between people, right?
Gravity, as explained by science,
guides the stars, causing them to attract and orbit each other.
The gravitational force that cannot be explained by science
guides us, so that you and I become one through fate, yearning for each other.

☞ Major bookstore chain in Taiwan “eslite bookstore”



The Phoenix Welcomes Spring
At the break of dawn, a ray of light pierces through the sky and sweeps across the water.   The lake, frozen for the whole winter, melts and bursts, and the crystal lights glisten in the ripples.   In the serene mountains, new shoots spring to life, breaking free from the heavy mud and snow, ringing the bell of spring and awakening the earth.   The phoenix begins to hover, soaring over the cliffs and valleys, solemn and mighty for all to see.   There, peach blossoms bloom vividly, dyeing the field in color. Blooming is the auspicious beginning of the New Year.

Auspicious Tiger
Clad in a gold robe, the hunter slowly creeps into the pond at sunrise.   The surface of the water sparkles, and the water of the pond glistens in gold.   In an instant, the hunter leaps to the bank and run at great speed.   Wherever he goes, the frost melts and then the plants of the earth awaken in lush splendor.   The pair of golden eyes encapsulate the coming of spring and infinite springs of life.   Set your sights – and make it happen.

BEAUTE ON        



BEAUTE ON, Singapore's leading anti-aging care brand, is proud to launch “BEAUTE EYE & SMILE LINE MASK”  a profoundly powerful dual-use eye and lip mask enriched with highly effective and soothing ingredients. The brand's new luxury packaging is made of composite materials and features a beautiful female face as the main visual. It carries the brand's spirit and the word "BEAUTE", which means beautiful, a beauty, and sublime in French. It also conveys information about the use and efficacy of the product in an easy-to-understand manner.

The box is made of translucent PP, which is a metaphor for water-like radiant skin through the translucent effect on the face and the texture through its reflective light. It also conveys the image of moisturizing and premium extracts contained within. Three symbols representing "beauty, technology and energy" are embellished below the eyes to convey the message of the product's use and efficacy. On the back, a flower blooming in the wheel of time represents the reversal of time and youthful rejuvenation. Through the precise structure and expressive visual effects, it epitomizes breaking of the shackles of time, and is a metaphor for the miracle of beauty brought about by the cutting-edge technology of the product.

☞ Premium Skincare Products


Mid-Autumn Festival tea

On this day, no matter where you are, hearts meet under the guidance of the moon.

The bright moonlight gently illuminates the horizon when the night is nigh.

Day and night take turns, every autumn harvest season, under the bright night of the stars and moon.

On this day, no matter where you are, hearts meet under the guidance of the moon.

Feast of the Stars and Moon
・White peacock Tea Ceremony



Wishing you a sparkling Christmas

The theme of the gift box is "Bringing consumers a colorful, gorgeous Christmas full of passion and dreams". A rainbow of colors representing dreams and fantasy is chosen as the main color on the cover, and the Christmas-inspired purple with red and fuchsia with green are adopted as the support colors.

The purple model is to welcome the arrival of Christmas Eve, the red model is for a gorgeous Christmas celebration, the green model is a classic Christmas decoration symbolizing eternity. The side is embellished and conveyed with the Christmas blessing "O" representing the theme concept. The main body of the gift box is a 30 x 30 large-sized thin square box can hold 25-36 chocolates with Christmas visual imagery, with a design style that blends modern and classical elements in perfect fusion, resulting in a new sense of fun, melodic rhythm and grandeur.


LOGO Design

Overall brand image planning and design

Our past clients and collaborations include a major bookstore chain in Taiwan “Eslite Bookstore” 50-year-old tea brand “EVER TRUST TEA” creative marketing publisher “KATE PUBLISHING” web hosting service brand “NSS INT'L” skin care brand “LOVISM” brand selling all-natural non-additive dried fruits “SUNNYGOGO” French dessert studio “ARC&ART” an upscale Singaporean skincare brand “BEAUTE ON” Japanese nutritional supplement brand “BBH Group” Chinese e-commerce conglomerate “Alibaba” and Internet tech company “NetEase” among others.

☞ works have been published in, ‘Asia-Pacific Design’, ‘DESIGN360°’, ‘ [BranD] Magazine’, ‘Typography in Graphic Design’, ‘Color appeal in packaging’, ‘TIMA for TEA-Branding&Packaging Designs of Tea’’, ‘PACKAGING OF THE WORLD,INDIGO Design Award’, ‘Circle and other major magazines, design books and domestic and international design websites.  ☞ Taipei Art Book Fair “100TEST”, FOODEX JAPAN “sunnygogo”, CIIE-China International Import Expo“Ever Trust Tea“, Beautyworld Japan “Wellness One-REAGEA エヌエムエヌ リエイジア“

Taipei City, Taiwan Region.